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Line 6

Previously Owned Line 6 Roto-Machine Leslie Simulator

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Roto-Machine brings 3-D rotating speaker sounds right to your pedal board!

If you long for the lush, swirling sounds of a rotating speaker, the Line 6 ToneCore Roto-Machine Pedal is sure to satisfy. 3 outstanding filters--145, L16, and 122 create unique rotating effects. Fine tune the drum-to-horn mix using the Blend knob. Separate Fast and Slow speed and Drive controls help you find the signature rotating speaker sound you want. The 2-in-1 footswitch allows switching between Fast and Slow speeds. 

ToneCore guitar pedals consist of a ToneDock base--in stereo or mono--and interchangeable effects modules that snap in and out, allowing you to change effects without rearranging your pedal board. The ToneDock is powered by a 9V battery or optional DC-1 adapter.