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2007 Gibson Les Paul Special Faded Double Cutaway

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this 2007 Gibson Les Paul Special Faded Double Cutaway.

Ever since its introduction in 1952, the Les Paul has had an impact on both guitar players and on music itself. What started out as Gibson's answer to the introduction of solid body guitars in 1950, turned out to be perhaps the most influential of them all. Here we have a Les Paul with an interesting story. In 1954, Gibson issued a slab-body version of the original Les Paul, calling it the Les Paul Junior. By 1958, the company released a double cutaway slab body Les Paul and dubbed it the Les Paul Special. Essentially, that's what this guitar actually is, though to simplify the catalog, Gibson decided to call it a Les Paul Double Cut Faded. To make it look like an actual 50-year-old guitar, Gibson craftsmen produced a cool "worn" finish that makes this look like the real thing, but without the wear and tear (and price tag). It looks, feels and sounds just like the original and is a great value to boot!

Gibson Les Paul Faded Double Cut at a Glance:

  • Mahogany body with special TV Yellow finish
  • 1960s slim-taper mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard
  • Two vintage single coil P-90 pickups

It's New, But Looks Vintage
Look in any book that's been written about Les Paul guitars (and there have been quite a few) and you'll see this guitar most likely shown in its 1955 incarnation, the Les Paul Special. Gibson has simplified the catalog and this guitar is now called the Les Paul Faded DC (for the double cutaway body). With its special "worn" finish, you'll swear this is actually a '50s guitar, but when you look closer, you'll notice it doesn't have the usual chips, dings and scratches. What it does have is an amazing vibe. It's about as far away from a Les Paul Standard as you can get and still own a guitar that's in the Les Paul family.

1960s Style Slim-taper Neck
The first Les Pauls had huge mahogany necks, but by 1960 the neck underwent several modifications until it became what's known as the slim-taper design, which is actually what most of today's players prefer. You can move up and down the neck at blazing speeds, but the rosewood fingerboard still has that warm, classic Les Paul feel, allowing easy access to the upper frets so you can really dig into your solos. It also sounds great when grabbing big fat power chords. The pearloid dots complete the vintage look.

Two P-90 Pickups on a Les Paul? You Bet!
Historically, the Les Paul has been associated with the dark, punchy tone of the Gibson humbucking pickup with its complex midrange frequencies. The 1955 Les Paul Special had single coil P-90 pickups, and that's what you'll find on the Les Paul Faded DC. The Gibson-designed P-90s, while being a single coil design, have a unique sound all their own, with more bottom end and a crunchier midrange than you normally associate with single coils. Many players actually prefer this sound and it's the perfect compromise when you need a guitar capable of producing plenty of high frequencies, but without getting thin or shrill.

Great condition! Comes with gig bag.