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1999 PRS Dragon 2000 - #30 - Finished in Violin Amber

Paul Reed Smith

This guitar is in our Hall of Fame Collection and is no longer available for purchase.

1999 PRS Dragon 2000 #30 finished in Violin Amber.

The PRS Dragon is one of the most sought after of all guitars, and the Dragon 2000 is one of the most collectible and sought after Dragons ever made.  This guitar is #30 in a series of 50 pieces and it is virtually unplayed, it was purchased from the original owner who only brought it out occasionally to admire it and then return it to its case. Of the 50 Dragon 2000s made very very few are Violin Amber, so this instrument is doubly rare. Additionally this guitar is one of the first Dragon 2000s made, completed in October 1999 almost 3 months before it's release at the 2000 NAMM Show. An exceedingly rare guitar in absolute mint collectors condition! 

From the PRS website:  
DRAGON 2000: 1999. Specs same as McCarty. Brazilian rosewood neck and fretboard with no fretboard inlay, Dragon inlay on body made of 242 pieces of mastodon ivory, rhodonite, agoya, coral, onyx, sugilite, chrysacola, red, green, and pink abalone and paua. Limited edition of 50.

Serial: 9 43323

Comes with PRS Black Leather Artist Hardshell Case

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