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Garrett Park Guitars

This guitar is in our Hall of Fame Collection and is no longer available for purchase.


1989 PRS Custom Vintage Yellow in a beautiful Quilt 10 Top with Bird inlays over a Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard.

PRS guitars are the perfect marriage of form and function. They are first and foremost incredibly well made guitars that perform magic! They play just as good as they sound but occasionally we get one that is just so striking that it pushes the limits for "THE ONE" yet again.

9 7231 is just that guitar, a fantastic playing '80s PRS from the days when a 10 top looked more like a Private Stock top. It is rare for maple to display quilting and in fact it is nature herself that creates hardship for a maple tree that makes it become stronger with exposure to wind and weather and develop dense rings as it grow that translate into lovely figuring when the tree is downed and quarter sawn.
Vintage Yellow is the quintessential color for PRS and this stain really sets off the quilted maple top. Beautiful birds are set in the brazilian Rosewood fingerboard. There are a few small dings that keep this one from being mint but overall its quite clean, Standard neck profile, sweet switch, white stickered Vintage Bass and HFS pickups. Original electronics and case too.
A great '80s PRS for the collector or player.

Serial: 9 7231

Comes with Original Hardshell Case

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