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1987 Marshall JCM 25/50 2550 Jubilee

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this 1987 Marshall JCM 25/50 2550 Jubilee.

Dominating the amp industry for 25 years is no small achievement but in 1987 Marshall accomplished exactly that. So, we celebrated in the only way we knew how—we created another stellar amp. Announced at the winter NAMM show that year, the Silver Jubilee® heralded a new era for Marshall. A break from Marshall’s famous black, white and gold look, the Jubilee’s were finished in stylish silver vinyl with chrome-plated control panels. The limited amps all had special serial numbers and were completed with a commemorative plaque. Internally, they were modelled after the popular 2203 and 2204 models of the JCM800 series. They all contained a valve output stage that allowed the amp to be switched from full power ‘pentode’ mode to half power ‘triode’ mode. This meant that the 100W heads could be reduced from 100W to 50W, and the 50W heads could be reduced to 25W, allowing a phenomenal sound to be maintained at lower volume levels. This was all possible due to clever engineering that enabled the EL34 valves to reduce the active elements used, therefore reducing the output of the valve. The pentode setting created a bright and aggressive sound while triode maintained a smooth and silky top end.

Other features included an input gain control that varied the amount of gain in the three modes and a series effects loop. After 1987, the Silver Jubilee models became part of the JCM800 series. Renamed the Custom Series, they dropped their silver look and took on a black vinyl finish with a gold control panel. The JCM800s were then replaced by the JCM900s and it appeared as though that was the end of the Silver Jubilee. However, the amps became something of a collector’s item and with the rise of artists like Slash, who frequently used the amp on stage, the amp was soon back in demand.

Condition: Excellent

Serial Number: S/A 00601 Lead

Case: Amp cover (leather)

*This guitar is consigned so please no trades, but please feel free to make a reasonable offer. Payments without fees are preferred (Venmo, wire transfer, cash or check).

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