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Two Rock

2022 Two Rock Silver Sterling Signature Head in Brown Suede w/ (Vox style) Diamond Cloth

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this 2022 Two Rock Silver Sterling Signature Head in Brown Suede w/ (Vox style) Diamond Cloth

Two Rock has made a huge name for themselves with their outstanding line of amplifiers. Two Rock is on a quest to bring the best built amps that deliver iconic guitar tones for the serious player. This 100 watt model features the brown suede exterior as well as the now discontinued Diamond Grill cloth which was an homage to VOX and is now discontinued.  It features a silver anodized chassis and is powered by (4x6L6).

There’s no doubt that this amp loves to be pushed to the limit, so the tone stack and the filter switches allow the user plenty of flexibility to find the right tone.  6 12AX7’s give this amp a lush reverb and a cathode follower tube that extends the punch and adds an immediacy to the feel as well as headroom and clarity.  
Foot switchable FET and tone stack BYPASS control * TREBLE, MIDDLE and BASS tone stack controls * 7 position HIGH and LOW filter switches * Reverb SEND and RETURN controls * Presence control * Passive effects loop

The amp works perfectly and is a tone monster as you'd expect. The tubes are fresh and it really needs nothing except to be plugged and played.

It's no wonder that Two Rocks are preferred by some of the worlds top players.

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Condition: Previously Studio owned & Excellent

Serial Number: 182

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