How our appraisals work.

Fill out the form below with some information about your guitar (fill out whatever you can). Once you've submitted your request for an appraisal, we'll contact you by phone or email to discuss more details about your instrument. All evaluations are free. Appraisals are $100 per instrument.

We also buy guitars! We're especially interested in vintage and pre-CBS Fender and Gibson guitars as well as pre-WWII, '50's and '60's Martin guitars. If you're interested in selling your guitar, check the "I'm interested in selling" box in the appraisal form.

Photo submissions of the instrument help us to confirm its authenticity.

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Over the past 30 years, Garrett Park Guitars has become a hub for all things guitar, specializing in rare, collectible and vintage guitars with a global clientele. From rare and vintage PRSs, Fenders, Gibsons, Martins, Custom Shop Fenders, to unique acoustics, our passionate team of highly skilled specialists will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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Appraisals for vintage guitars

An appraisal is a valuable document that allows the owner to protect their investment and insure an item or establish its value for resale.

Garrett Park Guitars owner, Rick Hogue, has been buying, playing and selling vintage, new and modern Collectible Guitars and related musical instruments since 1981. Recognized as the leading authority on Vintage and Collectible PRS guitars, Rick also has vast experience and knowledge of Fender, Gibson and all other American brands.

His appraisals provides accurate, up-to-the-moment market value evaluation. Rick is a member of the Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide Dealer Team and is also on the Fender Dealer Advisory Board.


When it comes to vintage guitars, condition is everything. We inspect and research every guitar we appraise to accurately state its value. 


Guitars are subject to a lot of wear and tear and will need maintenance and occasional repairs to keep it in the best playable condition. For example, if a guitar has replaced parts for has been refinished, it can hurt the value.


Makers like Fender, Gibson, and Martin have a rich history of making great guitars but not all guitars are the same. Certain guitar models from these Makers can fetch upwards of $300,000 to the right collector.


Part of the reason we're here is to preserve the history of these incredible instruments. Guitars have been the instrument of choice for many a musician to impact people, culture, and our music for centuries.


Serial numbers are used by guitar manufacturers to track and store important information about a guitar throughout its life. We use these as a starting point to accurately date the guitar and confirm its date of manufacturing. We also inspect the dates on the body, neck, pickups, and pots to confirm the date.


Certain materials used in the manufacturing of guitars are no longer used or are used less often. Brazilian and Indian Rosewood, Cocobolo, and Mother of Pearl for example may have been used to construct these older instruments and will effect its value, and how/where the guitar can be transported.