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2013 Fender Excelsior Amplifier - Holy Grail Reverb Mod

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this 2013 Fender Excelsior Amplifier with EHX Holy Grail Reverb Mod.

 Part of Fender's Pawn Shop series, the Excelsior amp is a simple, dual 6L6 tube amp with volume and tremolo controls. Our 2013 modified Excelsior takes things a little further than the stock model, modified by local amp expert Gary Wright to include an Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail reverb under the hood. The bright/dark switch now controls the type of reverb and two of the three instrument inputs were replaced with controls for reverb amount and tone of the decay leaving a single instrument input. The amp also has an upgraded Eminence Legend 1518 speaker and matched JJ tubes in addition to a master volume knob located on the underside of the upper chassis.

Altogether, this amplifier sounds fantastic with great clean tones at lower volumes and a unique, gritty breakup as you push the volume. With the master volume mod, it's easy to dial in snarling lead tones. The tremolo is reminiscent of classic Fender blackface amps and the added reverb really rounds out this amplifier's character. This Excelsior really leans into its Pawn Shop moniker and is as unique as it is fun to play. Comes with the original IEC power cable.

Serial Number: CAX12K4084

Condition: Excellent

This amp is on consignment so trades are not advised.

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