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1953 Gibson ES-140 3/4 size

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this 1953 Gibson ES-140 3/4 size.

This delightful guitar is as resonant as one would imagine with a 1950's Gibson. Paired with a P-90 pickup, you can dial in a variety of jazzy and soulful sounds at lower volumes. Cranking up the output or adding some gain to the signal chain will quickly turn this innocent-looking guitar into a Shakey Graves-style howling sonic dynamo.

Cosmetically, the guitar has a number of scratches and dings. The pickguard has warped over the last 70 years and is encroaching on the typical picking area of the high E string, but does not interfere with playing, which could be addressed by replacing the original pickguard or moving the mounting screw a few millimeters. Aside from this minor imperfection, the guitar is in incredible shape for something that has seen years of dedicated playing.

Condition: Very Good

Serial Number: 2 2692 2

Case: Original Chipboard 

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