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2015 Fender Custom Shop Rocking Dog '62 Stratocaster Fiesta Red

Garrett Park Guitars

This guitar is in our Hall of Fame Collection and is no longer available for purchase.

For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this 2015 Fender Custom Shop Rocking Dog '62 Stratocaster Fiesta Red.

Fender's Custom Shop is known worldwide for their amazing guitars. Garrett Park Guitars commissioned Fender Custom Shop to make special limited edition Dealer Select models incorporating many features that make these guitars incredible to own and play.

The 1962 Stratocasters are one of the best years for rosewood neck Strats with the thicker slab rosewood fingerboards. The Rocking Dog '62 Stratocaster begins with an alder body sorted for lightweight and finished with light relic aging. We asked our friend, Lindy Fralin, to design pickups for each of these custom models and the results are outstanding. Lindy personally wound each pickup and his signature can be found on the bottom of each one. They are both percussive and expressive, truly bringing out the best of the alder bodies.

We asked Fender to use wax paper capacitors to replicate the exquisite tone of the original '60s Strats and also asked that they use metal shielding under the pickguard's as they did in 1962.

We chose a 9.5 " radius and 6105 frets to improve the bending of notes while also asking Fender to duplicate the neck profiles used by the late Masterbuilder, John English. The neck has a C shape profile, measuring .860" at the 1st fret and .980" at the 12th fret. The nut width is 1.650" and the butt width is 2.200".

These incredible guitars all have special certificates and an owners package from Garrett Park Guitars. Simply put, they are truly amazing! 

Serial Number: CZ524058

Condition: New

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