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Fender Custom Shop

Rocking Dog and Junkyard Dog

Fender's Custom Shop is known worldwide for the amazing guitars they make. Garrett Park Guitars commissioned Fender Custom Shop to make special, limited-edition Dealer Select models incorporating many features that make these guitars incredible to own and play.

We asked our friend, Lindy Fralin, to design pickups for each of these custom models and the results are outstanding. Lindy personally wound each pickup and his signature can be found on the bottoms of each one. The result is a pickup that is powerful and expressive, truly bringing out the best of the alder bodies.

I first met Lindy Fralin when he was visiting the old Angela Instruments location in Bethesda, MD. Lindy was getting a coil wound by Caesar Diaz as I was hanging around, gazing at all the vintage guitars and amps for sale. Lindy was then living in Richmond, my hometown, and we became friends shortly after that. Our friendship has spanned over four decades and, when we decided to commission the Rocking Dog and Junkyard Dogs from the Fender Custom Shop, it was Lindy who we turned to for the pickups.

- Rick Hogue