tes·ti·mo·ni·al \ˌtes-tə-ˈmō-nē-əl, -nyəl\ : a letter or written statement of recommendation.

Garrett Park Guitars takes pride in providing exceptional customer service and, not only meeting, but exceeding valuable customer expectations. Rick Hogue travels the world-over to find rare guitars in impeccable condition so he can sell them back to collectors looking for that singular and extraordinary instrument that will complete his carefully selected compilation. From the item description and photos of the guitar, down to the packaging, the team at GPG ensures that a buyer knows exactly what they're getting and that his investment is protected in transit. Read our glowing reviews below...

You Received Feedback

Hi Garrett Park,

Congratulations, you've received feedback on your sale of the 2009 PRS 25th Anniversary 305!


Hello Garrett Park Guitars - Thank you so much for sending my new guitar on the fast train. I received it two days after paying for it and I've been playing it all weekend. My fingers are really sore for the first time in years! I have to add that doing business with your shop was a complete pleasure. The guitar arrived looking brand new, well set up, and ready to play. This was an A+ experience from start to finish, thanks for taking great care of me. Mark

Mark Schmeizl


Hi Garrett Park,

Congratulations, you've received feedback on your sale of the 2011 Rickenbacker 620!


Fast, friendly service. Guitar was better than described. Garrett Park Guitars offered a fine guitar at a great price. Meticulously professional from start to finish. I will look first to Garrett Park Guitars in the future. Very cool.

Louis Dettor

Friday, April 15, 2016

Garret Park Guitars

7 Old Solomon’s Island Rd

Annapolis, MD 21401

(410) 571-9660

RE: 1995 Fender “Custom” Vibrolux Reverb-Amp, Blonde

Please allow this one confirming experience with Garret Park Guitars be known to all, “In Search of”.

The purchase of my Blonde edition, Fender “Custom” Vibrolux Reverb-Amp in the fall of 94 was as most would imagine, very

rewarding. Fall 2015, some twenty plus years later, my CVRA needed some attention. On the recommendation from other

than Garret Park, my amp returned (twice) in worse condition than before sending it out.

I knew of Garret Park Guitars purchasing picks, Fender cords, strings, and I believe two effects pedals. In a casual departing

discussion with Danial while checking out one afternoon, I was made aware Garret Park Guitars repaired amps. Inquiring if I

could speak with someone on how best to proceed, I was directed to Rick’s office. Very accommodating, focusing his

attention to my questions and concerns, Rick went on to explain allowing I would say that home-like environment soon to

realize my, “In Search of” just ended.

Eagerly awaiting results of a diagnostic scope after dropping amp off on April 6, 2016, just under a week later a welcomed call

from Gary Wright explained in detail, issues found, the fix, and suggested mods. Today, April 15, 2016, I brought my amp

home and immediately powered her up. Agreeably, most of us know how best warmed up Blondes are to be treated.

Compelled after a 30 minute test run, I called Garret Park excitedly stating, “Gary is a genius”. “Here, I’ll send the call back

and you can tell him” was the reply. I explained to Gary this amp never sounded this good when purchased thanking Gary up

one side and down the other. No hiss, no buzz, no noise, and as quiet as never before as the richness and depth of this amp

cradled my soul as if to be alive in the world, again!

I really had no idea of associated costs thinking as I checked out; “That’s it? Surly something was left off this invoice.” By far,

and well under what I expected knowing what I paid before going to Garret Park, I was very happy. Later, I dropped off an

Acoustic Amp, 50/100-watt head, model 164 to have fixed, and would bet my Fender Twin will end up on Gary’s test bench at

some point soon after.

In closing, I would only add the quality of service mirrors the quality of Garret Park’s personnel, staff, believing to be a

reflection of its owner, Rick Hogue. For those “In Search of”, search no further knowing you will be taken care of from all

vantage points by the many qualified people of Garret Park Guitars.

Now if you’ll pardon me, a warmed up Blonde needs my attention in the next room!

Thank you Garret Park Guitars for well-crafted service and rarely seen ethical business practice!

Tommy Solomon


ReverbYou Received Feedback

Hi Garrett Park,

Congratulations, you've received feedback on your sale of the 2007 Gibson Custom Shop '57 Reissue Les Paul Custom Black Beauty!


I'm not hard to please when it comes to customer service-but I'm VERY hard to impress. The crew at GPG impressed me. Buying from them is one of maybe 5 memorable customer service experiences I've had in my life. And, I will absolutely be back. I'm already in the market for more gear and the first place I'm looking is Garrett Park Guitars. Thanks, guys. Brandon 

Brandon M

1964 Fender Champ

Oh my goodness...Not only is this is an amazing amp, but you all delivered the best online experience I've had. Thanks especially to Danny for talking me through taking care of this slice of music history. Actually, I don't know if amazing even describes the amp. It beautiful on every level. And, oh, man, that tone! Hidden in a closet no more, but will be taken care of and treasured for years to come! Thank you!! Theresa

2013 GIBSON 50th ANNIVERSARY 1963 ES-335 TD
Thankfully, the waiting is over. The 335 arrived. Please tell Danny I said thank you for the personal note and the great job of prepping her for the journey and that I am just as happy with her as all of you were.  You all may miss her but she’s found the home she belongs in.  Plus, she’ll be getting real friendly with a Fender Dual Professional real soon.  The guitar is beautiful.  I can see the difference in the horn shapes compared to the newer 333.  I am pleased with how much the grain shows.  I couldn’t tell from the pictures, so I was a little anxious about that.  Clearly, pun intended, there was nothing to worry about.  
I would appreciate if you would pass this along to the owner.  He has a great staff, who have provided excellent service.  From Jon to Danny & to you Janet.  I appreciate the quality of the product, which to me is both the guitar and the service.  If I lived anywhere near I’d be happy to say this in person.  Being 3000 miles West, you all went the extra mile to make me feel comfortable about spending this kind of money with a place I never even set foot in.  And then you delivered on the promise.   So my thanks and congratulations to the owner for putting together a quality business.
Thanks again.

1968 GIBSON J-50 

The Gibson J-50 arrived yesterday and I haven't stop playing since. The packaging job was superb and the shipping fast and smooth. The guitar is in such excellent shape for a guitar its age it looks and plays beautifully. Also the replacement of the adjustable saddle is so undetectable it looks and plays like its been part of the guitar since day one. Hats off to Gary and everyone involve in such a professional replacement. 
It's been a pleasure doing business with you and the rest of the staff at Garrett Park Guitars. Everyone I've dealt with handled my questions and specific request without hesitations, delivering a product I'm so pleased and honored to own. As a guitar player of over 45 years I finally own a guitar I'm totally satisfied with. All thanks to GPGuitars. 
I plan to purchases another vintage guitar,  ( 1970s Martin D-28 ) in the near future and plan to shop Garrett Park Guitars to fulfill my specific guitar need. So if a similar instrument in quality and condition of the J-50 arrives at your door please don't hesitate to contact me. 
Mike in Arizona





The guitar is finally in my hands! And, I couldn't be more happy! She's fantastic, was far better than I expected and simply exactly what I was searching for under every possible thing. I love her, from her smell to her sound, sensibility, history and colors and views that I can feel all playing her.

Technically she seems perfect and really stable, I put her in tune and she stays there, perfectly, I love the so low action, the neck is simply perfect, so handy and smooth, I love the size, the scale, and damn the sustain is freaking long! She lasts forever! incredible.... I am more than happy, the happiest singer in the world actually right now!

Thank you so so much for the perfect package and the so quick shipping! She was here last Friday but I was in London yet, so I got it today.

Thank you also for all the plectrums, really useful, I needed them... The hard case is simply so fascinating, you really feel all her history thorough it, it's scary though, ahah...I really can't imagine to carry her in it! :-) So the soft cover is perfect because I think I will use her all the time. I still have to try the K&K, actually I love her sound so much that I wouldn't hear her in any other way! I will probably try it though this afternoon as soon as I arrive at school where I have the equipment.

So all is arrived: guitar + two cases K&K done all the old parts in the small yellow package Thank you so so much, please let me know where I can write a comment on you and your service because I really want to do it, also, I will surely suggest you to all my friends, frankly I didn't expect that all would be so so smooth.Thank you again.


Gianluca Perdicaro
Rome 1962




Absolutely blown away, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be the caretaker of this wonderful instrument. She's got great bones. She screams for me, not at me.

Thanks again. I'll send a picture If I can put her down long enough.





Good morning Rick,

Just wanted to let you know the my lefty CS-336 has arrived and I can entirely agree with your description of the guitar, it really is an absolute beauty in all aspects! May I congratulate you on your extremely efficient and courteous service, thank you. Could you also extend my thanks to Matthew. I certainly hope to deal with you guys in the future (especially if you get a Lefty, Blonde ES-335)

All the very best, Thanks,




Thanks for packing my guitar well. Not a mark on the box. Fantastic guitar. I am very pleased with the condition and description. The tone and playability is perfect. Great doing business with your store. I am happy with the purchase and feel that buying high end guitars used is the way to go if you have someone you can trust.





I'm the proud owner of the 1991 PRS CE24 Vintage Yellow guitar that you sold via eBay in the last few days. I've already given you a glowing review on eBay, but wanted to point out somethings that I didn't have room to say in the feedback:

The pictures that you take of the guitars really make a difference when comparing against like models and/or like vintage. And they represent the guitars you are selling very well. I know I might have been able to get if for cheaper than the 'buy it now' price, but the potential difference was worth it knowing that this was the guitar I really wanted.

So, thanks for the fair price - next time I may just have to make the drive to Annapolis.. The packaging of the guitar was great - you guys have obviously been doing this for a while.. The heavy duty staples and the abundance of bubble wrap throughout kept the guitar floating on air the whole way to NC.. And the manilla envelope w/ the tools, sticker, and hand-written note taped "right there" when you open the box was very convenient. (who takes the time to send hand-written notes anymore????)

Finally - the guitar is phenomenal. Between the guitar I just bought from you and the others you have listed, you clearly hunt this grade of guitar down .. (or does it just come to you??). I promise the next time I want to add another PRS to my collection, I will seek you out first.

New faithful customer,




Thanks a lot Rick!

Last night I got the chance to plug the R0 and play it loud for the first time. What a blast! It's the best Les Paul I've ever had. Honestly, it just rocks! Thanks again for this smooth transaction!




1978 GIBSON ES-355 TD

The guitar is in fact a beauty, and it plays GREAT right out of the case. How nice (and how unfortunately uncommon) this is, in my experience, as this is easily the most satisfying internet guitar purchase I've made in a long, long time. I hope to do business with you again!

My sincere thanks,

Tim P CA




It's so nice to receive the Gtr on time !! Very nice packing n as describe! I will leave you guys 100% positive feedback soon. Here personally want to thanks again and appreciate for all the packing n care of the Gtr.

Although the neck need a bit adjust because of the climate, everything perfect!! I'm looking forward to make more business with u guys and leave you a pic of the Gtr n me!! It's really Nice!!!

Many thanks




I highly recommend Rick and Garrett Park Guitars....my Kay Barney Kessel was described conservatively and when it arrived was in much better condition than Rick had advertised. It rings like a bell and completely exceeded my expectations!

Rick also bent over backwards to pack it and ship it within a couple of hours after I expressed interest....really a Class A experience!

Thanks, Rick!

ReverbYou Received Feedback

Hi Garrett Park,

Congratulations, you've received feedback on your sale of the 1995 Rickenbacker 12V64!


I am not someone who buys guitars online. I need to feel them, however, when I spoke with the shop and read some of the other reviews I felt assured of what I was getting; a beautiful playing, sounding and looking vintage Rick. Packaged to perfection. My son could not be happier. Thank you.

Carmen Corica



Fender Mustang All Original – I saw it online then I call the shop for more information. First I want to start off by saying thank you for the guitar. I normally don’t compliment, so don’t take this lightly.

Normally when I buy a used/Vintage instrument, is appears that the seller will always over appraise the condition of the instrument and I get disappointed. But not in this case, I am very impressed. The sales guy was wonderful and even negotiated the price, which was very very nice.

I have been a musician for over 40 years and have received and shipped hundreds of instruments. I have to say that I have never ever seen one packed this meticulously. The box was commercially stapled, the guitar case had bubble wrap all around and was motionless. Inside the case the guitar was packed with bubble wrap and was motionless, they had like tissue paper between the strings and the fret board and outside the stings and the case, secured with rubber bands. The strings were detuned. It was packed motionless in the case to prevent damage. They did not miss a trick. And when I looked at it, it took my breath.

Thank you guys so much and you come highly recommended. As I previously stated, I rarely comment or recommend, only when it’s deserved, so don’t take this lightly.





You've Received Feedback

Hi Garrett Park,

Congratulations, you've received feedback on your sale of the 2011 Rickenbacker 620!


Fast, friendly service. Guitar was better than described. Garrett Park Guitars offered a fine guitar at a great price. Meticulously professional from start to finish. I will look first to Garrett Park Guitars in the future. Very cool.

Louis Dettor



 James Guiler-Ireland

I fist made contact with Rick back in early 2000.His knowledge on guitars is second to none. I have purchased a number of guitars from over 6000 miles away. Impeccable integrity, patience and honesty. After much work and many visits to the PRS factory, he got me the guitar of my dreams. How he made a profit after all his time and effort can only be explained by his desire to make many customers happy. If I need advice, he returns my communication sometimes within minutes , but alway that day. Fifteen years of rock solid help and advise. Very highly recommended


I purchased a Godin Multiac Duet last Wednesday and it was delivered yesterday. The purchase was easy and the folks at Garrett Parks could not have been any better. It is nice to deal with top notch companies like these guys. I purchased from Garret Parks because my local guitar dealer was not a Godin dealer and he recommended them. That says a lot about how great this is. Thanks guys I will purchase from you again.