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Swirly Gig

Swirly Gig Drink Holder

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents the Swirly Gig Drink Holder

What is a SwirlyGig?

SwirlyGig products are simple, coated springs shaped to provide safe, stylish places to put beverages, drumsticks, headphones or whatever needs to be close at hand. There is no assembly, nothing to adjust, lose or break. Simply slip your SwirlyGig on and let friction and gravity do the work. 
Who needs a SwirlyGig?
• Performers
• Musicians
• Boaters
• Campers and more!
SwirlyGig products fit on mic stands, music stands, drum hardware, walkers, wheelchairs, in ice fishing houses, on deer stands, pontoon boats and lawn chairs to name a few.