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JHS Emperor V2 Chorus/Vibrato Pedal

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this JHS Emperor V2 Chorus/Vibrato Pedal.

In 2014 JHS brought you the Emperor V1, a 100% Analog Chorus/Vibrato with Tap Tempo. Now in 2018 we are proud to bring you the Emperor V2!

There are two ways to look at the JHS Pedals Emperor Analog Chorus/Vibrato pedal. The Emperor V2 is a vintage-correct effect that absolutely nails the hard-to-find sound of the Arion SCH-1...but its also a do-it-all modulation solution whether you want a subtle sheen, convincing rotary simulation, or seasick vibrato. It utilizes a Bucket Brigade 3207 chipset to deliver the warmth of ‘80s-style analog chorus pedals and we've added enough onboard and outboard control to put you in command of every aspect of the Emperor’s voice. Whether spreading its warm tones or icy sheen to a pristine-sounding stereo rig... or utilizing an external expression pedal to cop realistic rotary speaker sounds on a blues gig, the Emperor can do it all.


We call the Emperor an analog chorus/vibrato. That’s just because calling it a true analog chorus/pitch vibrato with tap tempo/waveform selection/rotary speaker simulation/true stereo output/and more pedal would have been a pain to write every time.

- The glorious tones of a real-deal, 3207 chipset bucket brigade topology
- Mini toggle switch selects between chorus and vibrato effects
- Three available waveform types (sine, square, and triangle)
- Intuitive controls for Volume, EQ, Speed, and Depth


Making a good thing better? Yes please. The Emperor V1 had a Tone control which has now become the EQ control in the Emperor V2. We've replaced the passive tone control in the V1 with an active EQ control that functions as a Tilt. You'll now have much more tone shaping capability in the V2. The overall EQ control is much improved in the Emperor V2 and you will not lose any low-end sometimes commonly found with chorus/vibrato pedals.


To control the rate of the Emperor’s effect, simply turn the Speed knob up and down or tap the tap tempo footswitch. Or for the more adventurous among us...plug in an expression pedal for variable control in real time. And you can even slave the pedal to other tap-controlled pedals for rhythmic consistency across all your effects.

- Control the rate with the onboard Speed knob or tap tempo footswitch
- Tap/Exp mini switch on the left side of the pedal controls the side-mounted Tap/Exp TRS jack
- Use an external source to control the rate in the Tap Out setting (works great with our Panther Cub Delay and Unicorn pedals).
- LED indicator notifies you of the effect’s tempo, even when disengaged


You knew we would throw in a few extra features for you, didn’t you? Of course we did. When designing the Emperor, we conveniently and inconspicuously tucked in stereo output and the ability to select between buffered or true-bypass operation.

- Plugging TRS splitter cable into the output jack is all it takes to wring true stereo output from the Emperor
- Internal switch changes from buffered to true-bypass operation**
- High-quality buffer helps drive long cable runs and in-depth pedal setups while restoring high-end loss


  • VOLUME - Controls output volume.
  • EQ - For the V2, the EQ control is an active tilt EQ. Noon is flat. Turning to the left boosts highs and cuts lows, while turning to the right boosts lows and cuts highs
  • SPEED - Controls time/speed of the modulation.
  • DEPTH - Controls how deep/wet the modulation is perceived.
  • CHORUS/VIBRATO TOGGLE - Lets you choose between Chorus and Vibrato. Vibrato is just the modulated signal, where Chorus is the modulated signal on top of your clean signal.
  • WAVEFORM TOGGLE - Choose between Sine, Square, and Triangle waveforms.


  • INPUT - 1/4” jack on the top right receives your instrument’s signal.
  • OUTPUT - 1/4” jack on the top left sends the signal out of the pedal. Use a TRS splitter cable to send your signal to two amps for true stereo modulation. The Emperor sends out two wet/affected signals when in stereo.
  • TAP/EXP - 1/4” jack on the right side of the pedal. In Expression Mode, connect any TRS expression pedal to control the pedal’s speed. The speed parameters are preset for realistic rotary speaker sound. In Tap Mode, you can set the speed using an external tap tempo pedal. Choose which one you want by the switch on the left side of the pedal.


  • BYPASS - Left footswitch turns the pedal on and off.
  • TAP TEMPO - Right footswitch taps in the speed of the modulation.
  • TAP/EXP - Switch on the left side of the pedal. Choose between tap or expression mode for the TAP/EXP jack.
  • INTERNAL BUFFER SWITCH - Switch lets you choose between true bypass and buffered bypass by engaging or disengaging the buffer.
  • POWER - Uses 9V DC Negative Center. Do not use more than 9V DC. Your warranty will be voided. 57ma consumption.


Please call, chat, or email the store for more information.