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1957 Fender Stratocaster

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this 1957 Fender Stratocaster.

Just in is this fabulous one family 1957 Fender Stratocaster. This classic two-tone Strat is all original and features an alder body and maple neck. Both the neck and pickup cavity are date 9/57. The condition is excellent plus having only some minor wear on the front, wear on the fingerboard and some beltwear on the back. The frets are original and show only minor wear. The tweed case is also in great shape. 1957 Strats are considered by many to be the most iconic year for Strats and this one with its slightly V'd neck is an exceptional example of this year.

Comes with the original case, tremolo arm, bridge cover, polishing cloth and string cases.

Here are some notes from the original owners daughter, her mother who purchased this for her father by ironing for others passed in October '22. Pictures of the family with the guitar are available albeit privately upon request.

For expensive items such as this we request wire transfer payment.

The 57' Fender
My folks bought the Fender in 1957. (Rickett's Music Store
Roseburg, Oregon) (No longer exist but a plaque is on the
comer of the building on Jackson Street for history purposes).
Mom ironed for money to make the payments.
Later she purchased a Cherry Red Gibson ES 335-T,1959 and
paid for it the same way. (Rickett's Music Store again.)
I have that receipt.
Our folks were the hardest working people I have ever known.
They started a paving business around this time.
All of us kids learned to operate heavy equipment and
work starting at 8 yrs old.
On winter evenings and weekends, Dad would play lead,
Mom or my oldest brother on the Fender as cording back-up
and my other brother on the accordion. My sister played the
piano and organ. I played the piano mostly, but learned the
electric guitar as well. The neighbors would open their
doors on summer nights to listen. In 68, we moved out into
the country where the new asphalt plant was. Lots of music
nights and Sunday practices.
They bought these guitars because they wanted to learn to
play country music. So, we all played Country Western.
Hank williams Willie Nelson
Slim whitman Johnny cash
Marty Robins Patsy cline
Tennessee Emie Ford Jim Reeves
They always took care of all the instruments as you can see.
I remember sitting on our fireplace hearth at 1.5 years old and
Dad was playing the Fender with my mom singing to help him
with cord changes. (The I, V, IV) theory. The first songs:
I Walk The Line and Are You Mine - Yes I am.
Your Cheatin' Heart played thousands of times!
It Is No Secret \Vhat God Can Do
Mansion Over The Hilltop
On Top of Old Smokey
F`ed W.Lng was (Dad's song)
This Old House
Beautiful, Beautiful Brown Eyes
Termessee Waltz
Sailor, Stop Your Wonderin'

Green Green Grass of Home
Strawberry Roan was rln4:o" 's so#gJ
When the folks weren't home, us kids would get real
courageous and update to Glen Campbell, "Games
People Play" by Joe South, As Tears Go By, Herb
Alpert with my oldest brother on his coronet. Before
the folks came back home, we would hurry and put
everything away like nothing ever went on. We all
learned to play by ear then read music.
They moved to Lakeview, Oregon and were retired
ranchers with horses and cattle. Alfalfa, Oats and
Rye ..... around 400 ton a summer. David and I would
go over to help when we could. At night again, we
would play music. The grandchildren all learned to
sing "Have You Ever Been Lonely and You Are My
Sunshine" with all the words!
Mom, due to her arthritis really had a hard time
playing in her late 70's. So David and I bought her
a guitar banjo and boy, could she keep time.
They worked even into their 80's. Dad said, "If ya stop
workin' kid, rigor mortis will set in." He passed away from
cancer at 87. Mom had many strokes and passed at 95.
I have a picture of one of my dearest memories with my Dad.

This is heart wrenching, but knowing that another person or
family might carry on making new cherished memories, helps.

Condition: Excellent

Serial Number: 024336

Case: OHSC

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