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Boss RC-1 Loop Station Black

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Legendary Looper With a Sleek Black Appearance

The BOSS RC-1 looper pedal was one of the first compact looper that took the music world by storm. Its ease of use and long looping times make it a powerful addition to any pedalboard. Today, you can get that same looping experience, the convenience of a writing tool, and the same ability to create layered soundscapes, but you can do it with a new black look. Put this pedal on your board soon, because the RC-1 Black will only be available for 2018.

Plenty of looping power

The BOSS RC-1 Black Loop Station's simple format gives you up to 12 minutes of a single loop to add interest and depth to your music. With mono and stereo connectivity, it gives you the flexibility you need to make full use of your stereo effects pedals and amplifiers, as well as synths and other instruments. A 24-segment LED indicator changes colors and rotation speeds depending on the status and mode you've got the pedal working in, so you'll never have to guess where you're at in the music. Looping novices and pro players at Sweetwater agree, the BOSS RC-1 Loop Station is one of the easiest looper pedals you'll ever use.

BOSS RC-1 Black Loop Station Looper Pedal Features:

  • Straightforward and easy-to-operate loop pedal
  • Limited-edition black appearance
  • Newly designed loop indicator displays the current loop mode for easy use
  • Runs on a single 9-volt alkaline battery or optional AC adaptor
  • 12 minutes of stereo recording time for capturing extended performances
  • Stereo inputs and outputs for stereo amp rigs or instruments
  • Flexible external footswitch options (FS-7, not included) make stage use easy
  • Last recorded phrase stays in memory even after you turn the pedal off
  • Switchable mode, 24-segment LED indicator lets you keep an eye on the mode and status of the pedal