9V Effects Pedal Power Adaptor

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this 9V Effects Pedal Power Adaptor. 

An indispensable tool, the PW-9VPC-02 power adaptor is a must have on hand when playing live, in the studio, or at home. The D’Addario 9V Effects Pedal Power Adaptors are an essential equipment for the modern musician eliminating the time and hassle of opening a pedal to install or replace a battery. 

For pedals utilizing a 2.1mm tip negative power input, the cables can supply emergency power in case of power supply/battery failure, power pedals without internal battery connections, or provide temporary power to seldom used pedals. The adaptors are also a convenient diagnostic tool to pinpoint pedalboard noise issues by allowing you to isolate power to one pedal at a time. 

D'Addario PW-9VPC-02 9V Pigtail Effects Pedal Power Adaptor Features 

  • D'Addario adaptors utilize the highest quality conductors and components to provide convenience, maximum power, and clean signal transfer.
  • For emergency powering of pedals
  • Connects 9V battery to pedal power jack
  • Includes one straight and one right angled adaptor


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