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This guitar is in our Hall of Fame Collection and is no longer available for purchase.


2003 PRS Dragon 2002 Singlecut #41 finished in Red!

At the time it was released, the incredible inlay work on the 2002 Dragon from Paul Reed Smith set a precedence for what a really incredible top end guitar is, as opposed to just a high end guitar. PRS, along with Pearl Works that actually makes the inlay work really set the guitar world on its ear.

As you can imagine, there is a massive array of different natural products that go in to making inlays of this level. On the Dragon 2002 that was definitely the case, topping well over 272 pieces.

Materials used include Abalone shells of one type or another, other shell, coral, turquoise, gold, Mammoth Ivory and much more. Just getting this stuff together in the first place was an adventure in itself. An adventure which ultimately will increase the cost of the guitar for years to come!

The Neck is made from Brazilian Rosewood. The price of Solid Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard/Fret boards and necks can be astronomical compared to other woods.

The Dragon 2002 comes with PRS #7 Pickups which are rare to see in any PRS. The PRS #7 pickups are high output, but not that high compared to many of the pickups that PRS has made over the years. Often #7's are compared to the PRS 57/08 pickups.

Examine those Mammoth Tusk teeth and you will see that they appear to be finely engraved to give them a sort of 3D look. In real life they are sharp enough to jab in to your fingers.

Notice that the body on the Dragon 2002 is curved. Now imagine you have these hundreds of bits to stick on top the top of the guitar... difficult? you're right it's difficult. So here's what PRS and Pearl Works came up with... Hack off the surface of the guitar to take the design (use a fine router), fit the dragons head to the guitar (with glue) and then put the body in to a plastic bag. Now remove ALL of the air and create a vacuum, so that effectively external air pressure holds the dragon inlay parts in place while they set. OK now we have the Dragon's head on the guitar. It's now a matter of sanding the finish, doing some work on things like the teeth (which to me look like they have had some engraving work with color added to make that 3D look real) and other parts, and then finishing of the guitar with a lacquer as PRS does indeed do to most guitars they make.

Dragon Inlay on body
Limited to just 100 guitars - #41/100
Solid Brazilian Rosewood Neck
Singlecut Design and Vibe
Hybrid Hardware
Stoptail Bridge

The Dragon 2002 is Paul Reed Smith's most aggressive inlay to date with a dragons head covering more than 85% of the body and part of the Brazilian rosewood neck. The Dragon 2002 is a Singlecut model with 272 pieces inlay consisting of 12 different types of shell, 5 different stones and fossilized mastodon ivory. The Dragon 2002 has a imited run of just 100 pieces total. We have number 41 of 100 in stock and ready to become the collector's find of the year!

Serial: 3 73596

Comes with Original PRS Black Leather Hardshell Case, Certificate, Eagle Tag, and Paperwork!

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