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1961 Dot Neck Gibson ES-330 "Smokey"


This guitar is in our Hall of Fame Collection and is no longer available for purchase.

For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this 1961 Dot Neck Gibson ES-330.

This guitar has sold.

We named this guitar "Smokey", and for good reason. We purchased it after it had been through a fire and the smoke had caused it to be covered in a dark soot. It took a bit of restoration by our talented luthier Taras Andre to clean it up. The results are fairly amazing and although the back of the headstock and neck have some bubbling in the finish, the guitar has survived in great shape.

It has the slim taper '61 neck that plays superbly and the neck is comfortable and smooth without any noticeable difference in the feel that you might expect from the finish bubbling. It has (2) fantastic sounding P-90s, and all its original parts including the metal saddles, potentiometers, knobs, bridge, pickups, frets, truss rod cover and switch tip and it has no breaks! In short, the guitar is all original and comes with a newer hard shell case since the original case didn't survive the fire.

We will let the pictures speak for themselves (We've included lots of "before" pictures too), but the guitar plays, sounds and looks great & having survived such an ordeal we think that it has lots of mojo and stories to tell. We've priced it significantly less than the other red '61s on the market but you don't have to tell your friends that.

Thanks for looking!

Condition: Restored/Player

Serial Number: 41727

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