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1959 Fender Esquire

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this 1959 Fender Esquire.

Before there were the Broadcaster, Nocaster and Telecaster, Fender made the Esquire. Made in Fullerton California beginning in the late 1940s, the Esquire with its unique layout and single pickup became the Broadcaster, NoCaster and finally the Telecaster and its sounds and capabilities literally changed the music world. Although the Esquire was the original solid body Fender it became a less expensive model that Fender kept it in their lineup for years after.

This example from 1959 is in fine original condition and has a nicely aged blonde lacquer finish. The maple neck is also nicely worn in with a lovely patina over the ash body. The Maple neck is wonderfully worn in and it plays exceptionally. The original frets are in good shape with only a new nut that separates this one from being 100% original. Fender changed the neck woods not long after this one was made to the use of a rosewood fingerboard and this neck has is not dated which is consistent for Fenders made in this mid 1959 time period, the body is dated 1-59 in the pickup rout and the pots are coded to the 16th week of '59.

This Esquire is what many Fender aficionados call a "top loader", because the strings feed through the back end of the bridge instead of through the body. This was a short-lived production change that lasted only from late 1958 to early 1960; apparently Fender's customers preferred the original design and the company responded to their wishes. The blonde body has yellowed with time and its one ply pickguard is not cracked and neither it nor the body ever had an additional pickup installed as Fender used the same bodies for the Esquire and Telecaster and many simply added another pickup in the neck pickup cavity. The Esquire's control appear on the surface to be just like the Telecaster but the three positions are different with the position facing back towards the neck with bass heavy capacitance, the middle position allows for the tone knob to work and the bridge facing position the knife edge treble bomber that makes this guitar sing. 

This 65 year old is a joy to play and to hear and its ready to make great music for genarations to come.
Inside the pocket  of the worn but useable tweed case is the original brown "top grain leather" Fender Strap. 

Serial Number: 34804

Condition: Excellent 

Case: Original Hard Shell Case


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