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1957 Fender Telecaster

Garrett Park Guitars

This guitar is in our Hall of Fame Collection and is no longer available for purchase.

For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this 1957 Fender Telecaster. 

"I chased this guitar for close to 40 years. When I first became interested in vintage guitars I saw this black '50s Telecaster at a friends practice space. It was not for sale. In the early 1980s I asked to examine it and removed the pickguard.  It was then I realized it had been painted black over the original blonde finish. Fast forward another 35 years and I again made an offer, this one was accepted and I finally acquired it." - Rick Hogue

The black finish was carefully removed revealing the original finish underneath. The guitar sounds amazing and we took it Lindy Fralin who repaired the bridge pickup. It sounds amazing and has that wonderful feel of a vintage Fender. Lindy said this was the best neck he had ever felt and once you play it you will realize he was right.

We aren't pricing this as an original finish, 100% original guitar. We are saying that it was oversprayed in black and that we removed the overspray and restored the finish. In the process we reduced the weight a tad bit more importantly we revealed the original thin coat that allows the guitars tone to come through. There are signs on the back where stickers were removed that took off the original paint so its easy to understand why someone wanted it painted. There are still small remnants of the black on the body and to be truthful we left them there as a reminder of what this guitar was and now is. The neck (1/57) was never touched and the frets are in good shape.

This Telecaster embodies what a vintage guitar is all about. It sounds and plays amazingly!


Serial Number: 13083

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