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    Sell your guitar in Richmond, VALocal Richmond, VA pickup, or shipping can be included (please inquire about shipping label service).

    Richmond's music community is so vibrant that it was even featured on NPR.  It is also known as "The Underground Music City" from  The community of musicians, teachers, and entertainers are always buying, selling, and trading instruments & guitars. We are happy to call ourselves a part of that community and want to purchase your guitar!

    Are you looking to sell your vintage guitar?

    We are the vintage authority in vintage guitars and can generally value, officially appraise, and get the value of your used guitar. We regularly travel to Richmond, VA and can bring you cash, check, or even trade items for your instrument. There are several guitar shops in Richmond, VA, but Garrett Park Guitars is competitive in our pricing and will get you top dollar for your used or vintage guitar.

    How do I sell my guitar?

    The first step in selling your guitar is to tell us some basic information by filling out the form below, calling us at 410-571-9660, or emailing We will need some basic information to sell your instrument such as make, model, serial number, year, and more. Once we get the information about selling your guitar, we will then ask for photos and condition of your guitar that is for sale. Finally, we will work with you on a price that works for you. If we can't work out a price, we also offer customers the ability to consign their with us.

    Just need an appraisal?

    We offer guitar appraisal services to the Richmond, VA area and surrounding. Whether it's just a general valuation needed before selling, or just an official appraisal for insurance, we can get the value of your guitar or instrument same day or next day in most cases.

    Sell your guitar in Richmond, VA

    Does your guitar need repair before selling?

    Is there damage or parts needed for your guitar? We offer a full luthier service and can repair your instrument if it needs work before you sell it. Whether is just a simple restring, truss rod adjustment, neck set, crack repair, broken headstock, we can fix it.  Call us at 410-571-9660 to talk to our repair department.

    What do I need to know that will affect the value of the guitar?

    There are many factors in determining the value of your guitar before selling it such as age, make, model, condition, serial number, if a case is included, the guitar's originality, and even the weight of your guitar can help determine how much it will be worth. We can help determine the value and give you the most for your instrument.  

    What can I do to make my guitar worth more?

    In reality, the best thing you can do to make your guitar worth more is to leave it alone. Don't change the pickups, don't refinish blemishes, don't change the pots, and just leave the guitar in it's original condition. We suggest to gather any original documents such as bill of sale, paperwork such as hang tags or certificates, and make sure you locate the original case.

    What's the next step? How can I sell my guitar the quickest?

    The quickest way is to call us directly at and speak to one our associates at 410-571-9660 about purchasing your guitar. You can also get a quick response by filling out the form below or emailing

    We look forward to purchasing your guitar or instrument!

    As a last result, if we can't help you, hare are a few other music stores in Richmond area that can possibly help you out:

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    • Fan Guitar and Ukulele - 1215 W. Main St - 804-254-4600
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    • Garrett Park Guitars - Same-Day or next-day quote.  410-571-9660 -