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Supro Delay Pedal

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this Supro Delay Pedal. 

The Supro Delay is a premium, all-analog echo pedal that uses a pair of new-production MN3005 “bucket brigade” IC chips to deliver sounds ranging from 20ms slapback up to 600ms of buttery vintage delay. Far superior in fidelity to the low-voltage MN32XX series chips more commonly used in modern stompboxes, the high-voltage MN3005 IC chips found in the Supro Delay provide sweeter echoes with dramatically increased headroom and dynamic range, due to their robust 15V power rails. In addition to TIME, REPEATS, and LEVEL knobs, the Supro Delay features a newly-designed FILTER control that provides both low-pass and band-pass functions on a single knob. This unique filter design provides both the dark and murky echoes associated with BBD analog delays as well as bright tape echo sounds that evolve over time with extended repeats. Drawing inspiration from the golden era of analog pedals and recording to tape, the Supro Delay was designed by Howard Davis, the master engineer behind the legendary late-1970’s EHX Deluxe Memory Man and the Pigtronix Echolution.


-All-Analog MN3005 BBD Delay
-600ms maximum delay time, 20ms minimum delay time
-Variable LPF & BPF tone control
-Assignable Expression pedal control

Power Supply: 9V 2.1mm Neg. Tip

Current Draw: < 200mA

Weight and Dimensions: 

Chassis (in.) 3.2″ x 3.2″ x 4.9″
Chassis (cm.) 8 x 8 x 12.5 cm
Weight (lbs) 1.1 lbs
Weight (kg) .5 kg
Finish Anodized Brushed Aluminum 

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