Guitar Repairs and Restoration

Garrett Park Guitars offers a complete repair and restoration service for Vintage and New electric and acoustic guitars, as well as tube amps. Our repair shop can handle anything from simple restrings, guitar setups, to nut, saddle or bridge replacements and neck resets.

No appointment needed. Drop off your instrument and pay when you pick up.

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Guitar Care Tips

Acoustic Guitar Humidification

Most guitars are made from wood which makes them suseptable to tempature and humidity changes. It's recomended to keep the humidity of your guitar at 50%.

There are a couple ways to acomplish this.

  • Use an in-case humidifier like one of these.
  • Use a room humidifier to keep an entire space (like a studio) at the proper humidity level.
  • You can track the humidity in a room or guitar case with one of these.

When To Change Your Strings

As you play your guitar, your strings will gradually wear out and begin to sound dull. If you go too long with the same set of strings, they can begin to rust and eventually snap while you're playing.

Each player is different but in general they should be changed every couple weeks or when you notice they start getting dirty.

Coated strings tend to last much longer and have a different feel when you play them.

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Conditioning and Cleaning

Keep your guitar dust and dirt-free by wiping it down with a microfiber cloth. Getting under the strings is important!

We recomend that you wipe down your guitar and condition the fretboard with something like Lemon Oil any time the guitar is being restrung.

When To Bring It To A Professional

If you notice your guitar starting to crack in any spot, or it is becoming uncomfortable to play, you should bring it to a luthier. We can help adjust the string height, truss-rod, saddle(s), and more to "set up" a guitar properly so that it's comfortable and a pleasure to play.

    • Finish Repair
    • Refinishes
    • Body Crack Repair
    • Bridge Replacement
    • Binding Repairs
    • Guitar Refretting
    • Neck Reset
    • Truss Rod Adjustment
    • Fret Level & Recrown (Fret Dress)
    • Nut & Saddle Adjustment/Replace
    • Bone Nut & Saddle Installation
    • Bridge Reglue
    • Inlay Repair
    • Cracked Neck or Headstock Repair
    • Tuner/Tuning Pegs Replacement
    • Tuner Redowel
    • Pickup Installation & Wiring
    • Custom Wiring
    • Guitar Electronics
    • General Guitar Maintenance
    • Loose Brace Repair or Reglue
    • Body Work (cracks, braces, polish, refinish, etc...)
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  • Set Ups

    Every guitar will need to be set up at some point in it's life. A set up includes adjusting the action to your liking, cleaning the fret-ends, truss-rod adjustments, and fresh set of strings.

  • Crack Repairs

    It's not uncommon for guitars (expecially acoustics) crack when there's abrupt changes in tempeture and/or humidity. We can repair any crack and set you up with proper humidification for your guitar.

  • Restrings

    Guitar strings should be changed regularly. We usually recomend changing them roughly once per month depending on how often and how hard you play. We offer restrings for $20 plus strings.

  • Guitar Electronics

    We do everything from cleaning up existing electronics, and replacing broken parts, to custom modifications and total restorations. Call us for more details (410) 571-9660