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Subdecay Proteus Sample Hold Auto-Filter MKII Effects Pedal

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this Subdecay Proteus Sample Hold Auto-Filter MKII Effects Pedal. 

The Proteus MkII – Our plug and play filter, with a new design closely related to the original Filter Sample/Hold. The resonance control adds a new dimension to the effect that goes from subtle to greasy gritty synth tones. We also added an external switch allowing you to change from low-pass to band-pass filter.

Old school analog tech still rules in the world of filter effects. At the heart of this pedal is an analog OTA based filter design similar to vintage Maestro units.

The digital portion of this pedal is used purely for controlling the analog circuit. This gives you old school analog tone with modern features like tap tempo and switching between the envelope filter and sample hold filter on the fly. The Proteus does the thinking and tinkering for you so you can get busy playing your guitar.

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