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Dunlop "Shred" Picks Variety Pack - 12-Pack - PVP118

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this Dunlop "Shred" Picks Variety Pack - 12-Pack.

Contains 12 different picks in this one pack.  Perfect for a beginner or pro who wants to try a variety of new picks .  Made in the US!

Model PVP118 Pick pack.

From the Dunlop website:  

The Shred Pick Variety Pack features a carefully curated selection of picks that are designed to let you show your advanced technique.

This pack includes on of each of the following Dunlop Picks:

433R2.0 Ultex Sharp

412R1.5 Tortex Sharp

558R.88 Tortex Flow

558R1.0 Tortex Flow

549R1.5 Flow

549R2.0 Flow

471R3S Max-Grip Jazz III Black

450R1.5 Primegrip Delrin 500

450R2.0 Primegrip Delrin 500

47RXLS Jazz III XL Stiffo

427R1.38 Jazz III Ultex

471R3C Max-Grip Jazz III Carbon Fiber

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