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1947 Gibson BR6 Lapsteel Amp

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this 1947 Gibson BR6 Lap steel Amp.

This funky little amp was designed with Gibson's lap steels in mind but that doesn't mean it can't take sound killer with a guitar. The volume potentiometer and a few caps have been replaced in addition to a 3-prong plug conversion, giving this amp a new lease on life. The original Rola 10" speaker is in good shape.

 Putting out a surprising amount of volume for such a small amplifier, this one has great clean tones up to about 50% volume where it starts to add sweet harmonic overtones into full on break up at max settings. A unique sounding and looking amp, this Gibson BR6, made during the second year of the amps production life, is a neat blast from the past.

World War II had a profound effect on many of the products we know today – we saw drastic changes in vehicle manufacturing during wartime. Components and hardware were directed to war efforts – for vehicle makers, steel was used to make tanks and the like, and in the case of guitar amplifiers, tubes and hardware were repurposed for radios and communication equipment. Gibson stopped producing electric guitars and amplifiers during the war, resuming in 1946. They partnered with a Chicago based electronic design company called Barnes & Reinecke for their new line of amps, known as the BR Series. Amps in that line included the Ultratone BR-1, BR-3, BR-4, BR-6 and BR-9 models, which varied from 10 to 18 watts. Volume and tone controls were featured on all models, except for the BR-6 and BR-9 amplifiers. The BR Series amplifiers were produced until 1954. The most popular BR model was the BR-9, followed by the BR-6.

Serial Number: NSN

Condition: Very Good 

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