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1951 Fender Nocaster

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this 1951 Fender Nocaster.

In 1950 Fenders came out with a groundbreaking design in the Broadcaster. This guitar carried that moniker for almost a year when Gretsch approached them to ask them to cease and desist, as Graach was using the same name for their drums. Leo Fender, being the miserly person that he was decided to clip the decals and simply go with the guitar that said, only Fender on the face of the headstock. These guitars have been labeled “Nocasters”, presumably, for the lack of a decal. Within the same year of 1951 send a rebranded Guitar the Telecaster. The name it has carried ever since.

The original Nocasters are the stuff of legends and not many still exist in original form. This example has had its body and neck refinished in nitrocellulose lacquer. Most everything else about the guitar is original, although at one point it had an extra tone capacitor, which we have since removed. We put the wiring back to stock and gave the guitar a good set up. The results are fantastic, a lightweight and tone full instrument it is. Comes with its original case which has been relined.

Condition: Excellent 

Serial Number: 1034

Case: OHSC