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Vintage 80's Boss DD-3 Delay Pedal

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this 1980's Boss DD-3 Delay Pedal. 

The Boss DD-3 was the successor to theits2. From it's release in 1986, the DD-3 was an identical circuit to the DD-2. The cost of the components used in the DD-2 had dropped significantly due to the advances in digital technology and instead of dropping the price on the DD-2, Boss decided to discontinue it and re-brand it as the DD-3 at a lower retail price. 

The DD-3 kept the iconic long chip from the DD-2 up until 1990, when the circuit was revised and a few other changes were made. The DD-3 features delay times from 12.5ms to 800ms and also accommodates stereo output. 

The DD-3 features an E.Level (Effect Level) knob to control the level of the delay signal, F.Back (Feedback) to increase or decrease the amount of repeats, D.Time (Delay Time) to control the length between repeats and a 4 way rotary Mode switch to select the delay time range. 

Produced from August 1986 to present. 

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