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Used Rockman Midi Octopus

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this Used Rockman Midi Octopus.

The Rockman Midi Octopus is present in almost every Rockman rack: there are so many features to control when you want to change sound that the classic footswitches cannot handle that, unless you're a sort of tap-dance addict.

The Midi Octopus is almost mandatory if you have a real Rockman rig (6 modules or more). Several Octopii can be necessary for a very complex rig.

A lot of non-Rockman players use the Octopus to control their guitar amp, if this amp has a lot of footswitches, or simply to integrate a non-midi guitar amp within a global midified rig.

The Midi Octopus can also be completed with a cool accessory called "Remote Loop". This little Hammond box contains a relay and some jacks, and can be used to bypass a non midi stompbox, or as an A/B Box to control the signal path within a very complex rig.

Condition: Excellent

Serial Number: M006226

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