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East Amplification

Used East Amplification Duality 30 Amp Head

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this Used East Amplification Duality 30 Amp Head.

This East Amplification Duality 30 is all original and sounds great. The padded cover is included.

From the East Amplification Website

The Duality30 is the second step up in power rating in the Duality Series. It offers a bit more headroom than the Duality20, which allows for more jangly chime in your chords and more punch in your solo’s. The amp, as with all models in the Duality Series, has a complete and versatile feature set. Each of the two foot-switchable channels has a level control for two different stages of the preamp, enabling you to dial in just the right amount of gain from each. That, combined with individual Master Volume Controls for each channel, will enable you to perfectly balance your Normal and Drive tones. There is also a foot-switchable FET gain boost with a variable Gain control that will allow you to push each channel even further. It’s like having a clean boost pedal in the front of your amp, but it’s already built in! Then there’s the A.B.E. Control. This three-position rotary control will let you change the tone control characteristics to fine-tune the amp to best compliment any gig. Need a clean, funky tone? Set the switch to “A” for a more American-sounding amp with the typical associated scoop in the mids and limber up that wrist. Next gig needs a Classic Rock tone? Set the switch to “B” for a more British flavor and break out the Union Jack. Another gig with a Fusion Blues theme? No problem. Set the switch to “E” for the typical EAST tonality and dig in as deep as you wanna’ go! And finally, some aggressive higher gain, scooped mid melodies? You got that too. Just set the Control to “A”, crank the Bass and Treble, and cut the Mids and you’re on your way to Metalville. All this versatility coupled with the global Bass, Mid, Treble, and Presence Controls and the Duality will become your go-to amp. The Duality30 will give you the ability to cover most mid-sized venue gigs with a more than adequate amount of clean headroom and an overdrive that is both smooth and punchy, delivered by a quad of EL84 power. 

Condition: Excellent

Serial Number: NSN

*This amp is on consignment so please, no trades. 

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