Joyo JF-322 Wow-Wah Auto-Wah

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  • Joyo JF-322 Wow-Wah Auto-Wah - Garrett Park Guitars
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  • Joyo JF-322 Wow-Wah Auto-Wah - Garrett Park Guitars
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  • Joyo JF-322 Wow-Wah Auto-Wah

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From Joyo Website:

The Wow-Wah is an auto-wah with a wide range of sounds. It is extremely dynamic. With its 4 controls (Sensitivity, Bias, Resonance and Decay) you have your personal sound at your fingertips. The filters dynamics will surprise you and your sound will spring to life when you engage the pedal. If you feel a bit stuck in your playing, try adding a new element to your music and give the Wow-Wah a try, you won’t regret it. Of couse it has true bypass!



Sound Demo:


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