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Bedell Limited Edition Serenade Orchestra Sitka/Unique Brazilian Rosewood

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this Bedell Limited Edition Serenade Orchestra Sitka/Unique Brazilian Rosewood.

The Bedell Serenade Orchestra, as with the other limited edition acoustic guitars in the Brazilian Collection, is a true masterpiece. Meticulously hand-crafted one at a time in the Bedell Custom Shop in Bend, Oregon by our talented team of craftsmen. These exquisitely unique instruments are among the finest guitars crafted anywhere in the world. Each legally documented set of Brazilian rosewood in this collection is hand-selected to achieve supreme sound and stunning aesthetics. The combination of Sitka spruce and Brazilian rosewood results in clarity within every note, rich with overtones, emanating from a what can only be classified as a collector's dream! These guitars will be available only once within this limited edition run of eight acoustic guitars.

The Sounds That Changed the World

Brazilian Rosewood – Nature’s Most Remarkable Tonewood

Frequently, the acoustic sound of the 1960s resulted from guitars crafted with Brazilian rosewood. Its unique capability to deliver resounding bass and shimmering highs remains unmatched by other tonewoods. Over-harvesting motivated the Brazilian government in 1967 to ban the export of Brazilian logs. In 1992 countries throughout the world joined together in declaring Brazilian rosewood an endangered species – in the same classification as elephant ivory.

A small church ornament company just outside of Madrid, Spain had imported several Brazilian rosewood logs during the 1950s and ’60s, before the restrictions were imposed. Later becoming a tonewood supplier, their documented Brazilian was grandfathered in, allowing it to be legally sold and used in the finest acoustic guitars in the world. In 2013, Bedell Guitars was able to acquire this entire Brazilian rosewood tonewood collection, making us the only acoustic guitar company in the world with a large assortment of fully legal, documented Brazilian rosewood tonewood.

About the Brazilian Rosewood Collection

Bedell Guitars is pleased to present the incredible sounding and exquisite Bedell Brazilian Collection, four unique purpose-built limited editions of eight each, individually released each quarter throughout 2019.

Serial Number: 119008