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2018 Bedell Bahia Brazilian Dreadnaught

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this New 2018 Bedell Bahia Brazilian Dreadnaught

Features: Figured Sitka spruce top, Brazilian rosewood back and sides. Honduran mahogany neck. Compound tapered dovetail neck joint. Individually sound optimized thin tops and stiff backs. Hand Voiced. The Bahia is handcrafted to perfection, with the fundamental frequencies of instruments of the 1930s.

From the Bedell website...

Over a half century ago several Brazilian rosewood logs were shipped from NE Brazil to a small company producing church ornaments just outside of Madrid, Spain, where they rested peacefully in a warehouse. As the generations passed and the business focus changed, the logs were cut into tonewood sets for guitars and the company became known as Madinter, one of the premier tonewood suppliers to the world's exclusive guitar builders.

Year-by-year, over more than 5 decades, the tonewood sets aged, cured by the ideal Spanish climate. The sap crystalizes, the stress in the wood relaxed, the cellulose matured between the annual growth fibers…nature took its natural course of turning tonewood into incredible music wood. Just as pre-war guitars are known for their extraordinary sound as the tonewoods age, the Brazilian rosewood of Madinter cured naturally.

Bedell Guitars acquired Madinter's entire collection of treasured Brazilian rosewood in 2013. It is all legally documented. It was harvested before Brazil prohibited the export of Brazilian rosewood logs in the late 1960s, before the initial CITES convention of 1972 and long before Brazilian rosewood was declared an endangered species by CITES in 1992. This treasured wood is the finest music wood Mother Nature has created. It responds to lower energy bass frequencies with power and enthusiasm and rejoices in the higher energy treble notes. There is a timbre, an energy, an incredible aliveness that comes from the instruments we are crafting with this aged, cured Brazilian rosewood. There can be no question, Brazilian rosewood is the finest guitar body music wood and the journey of the Brazilian we are using makes this the most amazing collection in the world.

But we do not take our Brazilian rosewood for granted. In launching the new Bedell Bahia dreadnought, orchestra and parlor we have paired it with Adirondack spruce.

The Bedell Bahia offers the finest music wood nature has created, hand-crafted into the finest guitars technology has enabled.

Note: this instrument has been updated for 2018 with changes to the top wood, bracing material, headstock veneer, and added back purfling and center strips.

Condition: Brand New

Serial Number: 1116004

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