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1929 National Triolian

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this 1929 National Triolian.

National's Triolian was made in Los Angelos and introduced in 1928 as a wooden-bodied budget instrument. 

The wooden body guitar is 100% original and unmodified. It has been played and well loved throughout its life and shows the signs of use you'd expect of a 93 year guitar.

It has its original tailpiece and cone and both are in very good condition giving the guitar a great tone. The body and neck have the original and lovely full-color stencil of Hula girl on back and an ocean wave on front, both of which are unique to this model finish giving it a wonderful and vibey appearance..

The neck has never been reset, and although its sound incredible with a slide bar it also lends itself wonderfully to fingerstyle blues as well.

This wood-body version of the Triolian was available for only a fairly brief period, introduced in late 1928 and discontinued in the last quarter of 1929. It has twelve fret basswood neck with an unbound, painted fingerboard with black dot position markers stenciled on. The laminated wood body is painted medium yellow with subtle airbrushed red and blue highlights. "PATAPP FOR" is stamped into the top just above the resonator cover. 

Condition: Fair commensurate with being 93 years old

Case: Chipboard case

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