Private Guitar Lessons at Garrett Park Guitars

  Guitar Lessons at Garrett Park  

You've chosen your instrument; the guitar. It looks nice on the wall and certainly makes a lot of noise, but let's learn how to play it!  


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The Garrett Park School of Music was founded on the belief of sharing our passion for music with our community.  Lessons began humbly in the 90s as customers would come to us to sharpen their skills.  As the years went on, the school gradually grew to become what it is today.  By cultivating an environment for creative expression, our hope is to give back the freedom that music has given to us.  And so we teach.  


Our teachers take the time to understand the goals of each guitar student and will set a plan to achieve those goals during their lessons.  As with any type of lesson, students must be prepared to practice their instrument every day and prepare questions for their teacher as they learn.

Garrett Park School of Music offers guitar lessons with private one-on-one instruction in private lesson rooms for beginner guitar lessons, intermediate guitar lessons, and the advanced guitar student who wants to take advanced guitar lessons.  


Our highly qualified, verified, & vetted guitar instructors come from a diverse background and regularly play shows the DMV area.  Their varying professional knowledge adds value to your lesson and their varying taste in music ensures you will have a great guitar teacher matched to your musical style preference during your guitar lessons.  


We believe that "age is only a number", but we also want to make sure it's the right time for lessons.  Our typical starting age for lessons is 4 years old for piano or voice, and 6 years old for any string or wind instrument.  We understand that every student is different.  If you're unsure if it's time to take lessons, please give us a call at 410-571-9660 or stop by the store and we can assess your child. 




Beginner Guitar Lessons

  • Strumming & playing chords together

  • Playing individual notes & fun finger exercises for beginners

  • Learning to read & playing your first songs

Intermediate Guitar Lessons 

  • Alternate picking styles, fingerpicking, ear training

  • Learning melodies & intermediate chords

  • Intermediate reading & playing of songs with intermediate comping

Advanced Guitar lessons

  • Chord & music theory for guitar

  • Learning to solo and harmonize improvisations

  • Advanced guitar songs and selections to play

Custom Guitar Lessons:  

  • Custom lessons may include, but not limited to:  Fingerpicking, tapping, soloing, strumming chords, slide guitar, hammer-ons & pull-offs, bends, slides, sweep picking, flat picking, alternate picking, economy picking, hybrid picking, tremolo picking, using a slide, flamenco style technique, gypsy guitar, guitar double-stops, using a tremolo bar, songwriting, performance techniques, open tunings, and more.


A la carte 30-minute lessons are $39.

Monthly 30-minute lessons are $125 when you sign up for our Auto-Pay program which includes 4 lessons. (that's only $31.25 per lesson!)  60-minute lessons are $225/month when you sign up for the Auto-Pay option.


Our lesson commitment is month-to-month and auto-renews.  To cancel, just give us a week's notice.  We're flexible, so just ask us if you want something specific.

The blues, rock, pop, country, dance, classical, metal, R&B, jazz, flamenco, folk, singer/songwriter, acoustic, indie, blues rock, swing, big band, gypsy, and more.


Lisa Rowe - Guitar Instructor 
Josh Lilly - Guitar Instructor 
Justin Berdeguez - Guitar Instructor
Paul Packett - Guitar Instructor 
Rob Izzi - Guitar Instructor 
Stefan Heuer - Guitar Instructor