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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this VHT SIG:X head.

The SIG:X amplifier represents a new generation of tube amplifier design, offering players effortless and intuitive control over different types of amplifier behavior and a wide range of highly refined tonal qualities previously unavailable from a single amplifier.

The SIG:X produces an incredible palette of clean sounds on all 3 channels, then gradually morphs from bluesy grit to fat chunky rhythms sounds and finally into a "fire-breathing gain machine" all on only one of its three channels.


The SIG:X lead channel can do everything from pristine clean to fully saturated, highly detailed super-gain at pretty much any desired volume setting. With its unique touch sensitivity, just touching the strings lightly and then smacking an open E chord will cause the tone to hold together and then open up on the decay. This effect is present regardless of gain or volume setting and will help bring out overtones and harmonics you have probably never experienced on a channel switching amplifier before.


This is probably the most versatile channel on the amplifier and produces what many consider to be the signature VHT sound. Don't be too surprised to find that this is much more than your average medium gain channel. It is also capable of producing some pretty devastating solo settings. The RHYTHM channel differs from the LEAD channel only in VOICING switch nomenclature and internal tone shaping.


In the SIG:X amp head, the user-friendly and expressive qualities of this channel should help illustrate why many players swear by the VHT clean sound. The most important thing to remember about this channel is to USE YOUR GUITAR VOLUME. This is an extremely dynamic channel. By setting the volume a little louder than needed and controlling the volume from your guitar you will be rewarded with a huge array of tonal textures and in-between tones that most players struggle to get with multiple amps and boost pedals. CLEAN differs from the LEAD channel in amount of available gain, VOICING switch nomenclature, and internal tone shaping.


Like all amplifiers, the VHT SIG:X has tone and gain controls, but unlike any other amplifier, the SIG:X gives you total control over VOICING and GAIN. This GAIN I / GAIN II / MASTER VOLUME configuration is the key to dialing in the SIG:X sound and volume to your specific requirements.

It includes a Smart Foot-controller for selecting LEAD, RHYTHM, CLEAN, BOOST, and EFFECTS. Controller recalls previously selected combination of channel and boost/loop.

If the SIG:X is all about transition. Most multi-channel amps give you a one-trick pony on each channel at best, and multiple channels of one average sound at worst. Guitar music is a string of spontaneous and often unorthodox impulses. Guitar players attack, coax and finesse music out of a guitar in ways that seem to defy logic and the laws of physics. It's all of the things we do "in-between" that gives guitar music excitement and emotional impact. These in-between or transitional stages that usually happen in spite of your existing amp settings are where players live and where the SIG:X shines most brightly.

To fully realize the range and flexibility of this amplifier, one need only remember to keep the guitar volume and tone controls in mind. Playing off of the guitar controls is practically a lost art. This is probably because amps of the recent past have been lacking in the things that amps of an earlier era excelled at - a great basic tone and an unmistakable feel. Many players will sacrifice flexibility and modern conveniences for great tone and feel. The SIG:X was designed to give you both and it truly delivers!


  • 3 independent channels with separate tone controls.
  • 3-Position PRE EQ VOICING switch for each channel allowing custom tailored tone shaping.
  • Exclusive VHT GAIN I/GAIN II Voicing and Overdrive configurations with channel assignable Footswitchable or manual (front panel) gain boost.
  • MORE/LESS MODE (Gain Stacking) for each High-Gain channel to select 3 or 4 Tube Gain stages on selected channel (channel assignable as on CL/UL models).
  • POWER SHIFT feature, a single mini-toggle switch on each channel enables channel assignable Tube/SS Rectifier and 100W/40W output power selection (operates like ENHANCE MODE on Fifty/CL/ST).
  • Patented DYNAMIC SENSING feature (introduced in the GP3 pre) tracks string attack/decay to optimize sustain and note detail.
  • Two dedicated sets of Depth and Presence controls, one set for the Clean channel and one set for the LEAD and RHYTHM channels. Each set of Depth and Presence controls are voiced for their specific channels.
  • Footswitchable True-Bypass, Series/Parallel Effects Loop with level controls. Suitable for using the loop as a volume boost.
  • Footswitch Boost and Effects functions can then used for gain boost (BOOST) or volume boost (EFFECTS) or both. Very cool with the recall feature.
  • One 16 ohm output jack is provided for connection to a 16-ohm cabinet. Two additional parallel jacks with a two-position 8/4 ohm selector switch are provided.
  • A fixed-level line-out jack is also provided for direct recording or slaving.

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Serial Number: SXBE060044

Condition: Excellent

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