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Splawn Quick Rod 100-Watt Head

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this Splawn Quick Rod 100 watt head.

This Marshall-inspired amp head delivers both clean chime tones and skull-crushing overdriven sounds thanks to its dual-channel design. With quick foot pedal switching, this amp can easily maneuver any sonic territory.


  • 100 watts - w/ half power switch
  • Channel 1 (clean) - independent EQ and gain controls
  • Channel 2 (overdrive) - solo boost, OD1 (rhythm) /OD2 (lead) mode, 3 gear modes
  • Gears - 1st - Hot Rod Plexi, 2nd - Hot Rod 800, 3rd - Super Hot Rod 800
  • 4 Button Footswitch - #1 Clean/Overdrive - #2 OD1/OD2 - #3 Solo Boost
  • Series Effects Loop - w/ true-bypass and adjustable +4db/-10db switch
  • Loop Volume Control for low volume playing.
  • Impedance Selector - 4/8/16 ohms

Serial Number: QR1101102

Condition: Excellent

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