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JHS Artificial Blonde Dual Vibrato - Madison Cunningham Signature Vibrato Pedal

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this JHS Artificial Blonde Dual Vibrato Madison Cunningham Signature Vibrato Pedal. 

At its core, the Artificial Blonde is a very simplistic approach to Madison’s signature sound: a never-off, always-on, slightly 3D pitch vibrato sound. The secondary footswitch switches between the two speed/depth preset sections. It’s a true pitch vibrato modulation pedal with two easy-to-access modes for live use. Simply put, this is Madison Cunningham in a box: just add a clean Fender-style amp and tune your guitar strings down!


-VOLUME - Controls the overall volume of the pedal. Left is less, right is more.

-EQ - The EQ control is an active tilt EQ. Noon is flat. Turning to the left boosts lows and cuts highs, while turning to the right boosts highs and cuts lows.

-SPEED - Controls the rate of the vibrato. Left is slower, right is faster.

-DEPTH - Controls the depth of the vibrato. Left is less, right is more.

-INPUT - 1/4” jack on the top right receives your instrument’s signal.

-OUTPUT MONO/STEREO – 1/4” jack outputs. Use the MONO output for a mono signal path or use both the MONO and STEREO output jacks for a 3D stereo soundscape.

-POWER - Uses 9V DC Negative Center. Do not use more than 9V DC. Damage may occur and your warranty will be voided.

-BYPASS - Left footswitch turns the effect on and off. When off, the pedal is buffered bypass and both outputs pass the normal dry signal.

-PRESET – Right footswitch changes the preset to A or B. On power up the default is preset B. Each preset has the same speed and depth range and allows you to create two different switchable settings.



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