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Audiotech Dual Loop Effects Switcher/Controller Unit

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this Audiotech Dual Loop Effects Switcher/Controller Unit. 

The Dual Loop Effects Controller MKII from Audiotech Guitar Products provides a multitude of uses for any guitarist, bassist or keyboard player. Do you have several effects in your signal chain that you like to use together during a part of a song? (i.e.: hit the fuzz, kick in the delay, start the flanger) With the Dual Loop E.L. Selector, you're able to preset your effects beforehand and punch them in or out at will by hitting either switch.

Instead of activating several different effects to obtain your desired sound, just activate either one of the loops on the Dual Loop EL Selector and bring all of your effects in or out at once. Simply place the Dual Loop EL Selector between your guitar and amp and connect your desired effects between the send and return jacks on the Dual Loop EL Selector and you're done! Total effects control at the tap of a switch.

Most effects tend to load down and degrade your signal when in the supposed "OFF" or "BYPASS" mode, the Dual Loop EL Selector provides you with two 100% true effects bypass loops for a stronger signal. All without having to modify your treasured new and vintage effects (i.e.: Line 6 Pods, older wah wah pedals, fuzz boxes, etc.)