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1994 PRS McCarty Pickup Set

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this set of 1994 PRS McCarty Pickups.

Introduced in 1994, the PRS McCarty was the next evolution of Paul's guitars and was meant to encapsulate all he had learned from his mentor, the legendary Ted McCarty. These pickups come to us from a friend of Paul's who let Paul use his guitar as a test for upcoming additions to the McCarty. They are among the first PRS pickups to use covers.

From the original owner:

"1st generation. The year the McCarty came out, 1994. Paul put them in my first Custom 22 which, by the way, had a McCarty Burst, because it was a test mule for some other "new stuff" at the time. Like the fattest neck ever.
Anyway. first covered pickups from PRS, McCarty was just going into production and there were a few test mules out there, including my guitar, from which they came. 1994.

Condition: Excellent

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