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1960s Heath TA-16 Solid State Amplifier

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this 1960s Heath TA-16.

 One of the most futuristic amps of the late 1960s, this Heath TA-16 combines 25 watts of solid-state power with onboard tremolo and reverb. The reverb and tremolo circuits aren't currently functional but the amp itself sounds great with a circuit that appears to be untouched! Plenty of clean headroom from the two channels; perfect for combining guitar and accompaniment. Both channels also deliver great breakup as you push past mid levels into full-on distortion at high volume settings. This is one solid state that feels alive.

From the original catalog ad: "ALL THE FEATURES GUITARISTS WANT MOST IN AN AMPLIFIER, at less than half the usual cost. Delivers the coolest 25 watts of EIA music power or 60 watts of peak power you've ever heard with a pure, robust sound that brings out the natural tone of your instrument. And since it's all solid-state, there are no tubes to deteriorate or wear out -you get peak performance at all times.

TWO CHANNELS FOR COMPLETE VERSATILITY. A normal channel for accompaniment, accordion, singer's microphone (not recommended for bass guitars)... the other channel has both variable reverb and tremolo for lead and solo guitars. The specially designed LDR tremolo circuit is variable in both speed and depth so you can create a variety of musical effects. Each channel has two inputs, plus separate volume, bass, and treble controls. And a line bypass reversing switch reduces hum."

Serial Number: 924 2959

Condition: Very Good

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