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1942 Gibson L-00

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this 1942 Gibson L-00.

A lot of things happened in 1942, it was a big year! The US entered WW2 making it truly a world war. For $3700 you could buy a new home and in a strange paradox both Joe Biden and Jimi Hendrix were born in '42.

This well loved L-00 was also completed in 1942 in Kalamazoo Michigan and may have been made by the Kalamazoo gals as most men were enlisting to go fight in the war. 
As you can see this L-00 was played and for good reason as it sounds fantastic. There have been several crack repairs below the bridge and the neck has been expertly reset by our luthier, Taras Andre. The tone and playability are both excellent and this one is a joy to sit and play. 

Serial Number: 7049H-5

Condition: Very Good

Case: Soft Case

Photos are of the actual guitar and are not stock photos

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