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Vox AC15HW1X

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this Vox AC15HW1X.

The Vox AC15HW1X is a 15 watt, hand wired combo amp that screams the classic Vox tones that everyone seeks. A retro oxblood grill cover and vintage fawn-colored vinyl over a birch plywood cabinet gives the AC15HW1X its classic style. It's a traditional 2-channel design, with both a top boost channel that has a hot/cool switch and a normal channel that has a bright switch. An OP mode switch lets you cut the output power level in half, which also makes the AC15HW1X an excellent recording/practice amp.

Serial Number: 000966

Condition: Excellent

All photos are of the actual amp itself and not stock photos.

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