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Taylor K4 Pre-Amp/Equalizer

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this Taylor K4 Equalizer/Pre-Amp

If you're a Taylor acoustic-electric performer, you're about to discover a whole new world of creativity and control. Conceived by Bob Taylor and Mr. Rupert Neve, the K4 Equalizer is Taylor's first piece of outboard electronic gear designed for the next step in your guitar's balanced signal chain, raising the bar for live performance and recording. 

The K4 features a parametric EQ voiced specifically for the acoustic guitar, along with a Q control for pinpoint tone shaping. The K4 also features a custom circuit design by Mr. Rupert Neve, transformer coupled input and output, and pure analog tone shaping. Plus, it's an active DI with effects loop and tuner out.

Building on the fully balanced output of the Taylor Expression System, Taylor created the K4's EQ for the specific frequencies of the acoustic guitar. Taylor designed its voicing for the Dynamic Sensors that are an essential, and exclusive, part of the ES. Now, you can shape your guitar's tone by zeroing in on the notes or frequencies of your choice and then cutting or boosting them to taste.

The K4 Equalizer has low impedance, transformer-coupled balanced inputs and outputs, which connect directly to the balanced output of an ES-equipped guitar. Features include: bass and treble controls, sweepable two-band Parametric midrange control with adjustable "Q", an effects loop with choice of "Pre" or "Post" EQ, phase invert, headphone jack with independent level control, mute feature and a dedicated tuner output. Each Taylor Guitars K4 Equalizer is housed in a compact case, with a wood-trimmed top.

Serial Number: K4001188DI

Condition: Excellent

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