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Stimer Pickups ST48

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this Stimer Pickups ST48. 

Made by France’s Maurice Dupont, who is also one of the most respected makers of modern Selmer-style guitars, the S.T. 48 is a beautiful unit that features a built-in Volume control and a one-piece metal cover (which is nickel plated and sports “Stimer Paris” engraved into its top). The unit features a r" output jack, and it comes with a quality rubber-shrouded cord with r" and 1" plugs.

Stimer pickups are the most popular magnetic pickups for Gypsy jazz guitars. They are single coil which gives them a bright, clear sound. These pickups were used by Django after the War, and have been used by nearly every professional Gypsy musician. These recent Stimer reissues by Maurice Dupont are the best sounding ones yet. They have a much better string to string balance then the original vintage Stimers (which are very weak on the wound strings and too hot on the unwound strings.) These new Stimers also have a warmer, fatter sound then the old ones which were often very harsh.


Condition: Mint

Photos of actual pickup (not stock photos). 

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