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DDX Designs

DDX Designs Bullseye Button 10mm Pedal Toppers Various Colors

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents The DDX Designs Bullseye Button 10mm Pedal Toppers. 

Stomp on your pedals in style, designed to make your life easier as a performing musician, DDX designs bullseye buttons will make any pedal easier to locate in low light environments. 

Available in various colors:  Translucent, UV Orange, UV Green, Translucent UV Yellow, Translucent Purple, Translucent UV Green, UV Blue, Red, and Black.

Colors denoted as UV will glow in ultraviolet or black light conditions.  (See sample photo).  

We have tried our best to photograph these with consistency and make sure you get a pedal topper that is exactly like the one you see in the photos, but some of these, particularly the ones with UV coatings or translucent colors, will appear different due to the flashes used in the photos.

It goes without saying, but we have to say it, the toppers do not include the pedal in the photo.