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Garrett Park Guitars

Mesa Boogie Lonestar Amp

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this 2006 Mesa Boogie Lonestar 1x12 Amp in Excellent Condition.

Two-channel simplicity delivers the goods...with surpassing versatility. Channel 1 epitomizes the best of Black Face:  a punchy, shimmering twang that gives way to furry smoothness.  Channel 2 has a split personality.  It can clone the clean magic of Channel 1 (with a touch of blues-roots gain) or kick in an additional high-gain amplifier with its own dedicated control.  With stunning performance inspired by the pivotal Mark I, the interaction of three cascading gain controls unlocks the historic vault of ground-breaking lead sounds.  This Lone Star also lets you assign 50 or 100 watt power sections per channel, choosing the optimum rectifier for each:  vacuum tube or silicon diode.  Truly seductive Reverb includes separate depth control for each channel plus a unique voicing feature that switches between glowing amber warmth and a brilliant, springy halo.

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Condition: Excellent 


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Please call, chat, or email for more information... 410-571-9660.