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Klon KTR Overdrive Pedal

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this Klon KTR Overdrive Pedal.

The Klon KTR was the long awaited successor to Bill Finnegan's original legendary Centaur. Released in 2012, it was produced for him to his exacting specifications and several thousand units sold out quickly. Finnegan has yet to reissue the KTR. It still receives praise for it's clear, uncolored tone of its boosted signal.

Humorously, Finnegan had the words "kindly remember that the ridiculous hype that offends so many is not of my making", screen printed on the face in response to the cult following garnered by the original Centaur.

9 volt powered, this pedal is in excellent shape and works perfectly.  

Serial: KTR

Condition: Excellent +