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Mel Bay

Mel Bay - First Lessons for Drumset by Frank Briggs - CD and DVD included!

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this Mel Bay's First Lessons for Drumset by Frank Briggs with CD and DVD.

Our teachers use this book with our in-house lessons at the shop and our students love using the book too.  It's a great primer for the kids who want to learn to play with a full drum kit, and not just snare drum.  

Get your "First Lesson" from a seasoned pro! First Lessons Drumset is designed to help the student develop basic 3 part coordination skills on the drum set. Learn some fundamental reading skills, snare and bass drum technique and get started with a solid foundation. First Lessons Drumset will also help you set up your kit, hold your sticks properly and teach you to play along with music today!

Yes, it comes with a CD and DVD along with book in the inside pocket in the back.  You can watch and listen while you're learning or teaching.  It's a great tool for teachers and students. 

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